Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You're in luck! A new SVG digital cutting file is releasing at Doodle Pantry today!

Hello Everyone!

I have another new SVG e-cutting file releasing today at Doodle Pantry!

by Lori McCroskey

I decided that the Four Leaf Clover set really needed to be geared toward a teacher.....and here is what I came up with!

Classroom Ideas...including our homeschoolers!

The bottom left image is for the students desk name plate.
There are a couple of borders for the bulletin boards.
I thought it would be really cute to frame the students pictures in the top left SVG cut 
(also doubles as a card front)
The clover wreath will be adorable hanging from the ceiling or under a a candle like a doilie....don't you think?
The individual clovers you can make cupcake toothpicks out of!
And of course some individual shamrocks to spread around as decoration! 

And of course, they are perfect for cards :-)


Here are some adorable samples from the Doodle Pantry Design Team:


Have a great month and see you back here for more SVG e-cutting files at Doodle Pantry!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Card Cut Hearts SVG e-cutting file is here at Doodle Pantry!

Hello Everyone!

Today is the release of my new Card Cut Hearts e-cutting file!  
The file format is SVG which works so many of the crafty cutting machines out there today!

SVG cutting files
by Lori McCroskey

Purchase this file here!

These cutting files make Valentine cards so quick and easy....take a look!
Here are some instructions that are included with the file.
Just cut out your pieces.
Print out your digis.
Start layering!
See how easy this is?????

I love seeing how they all go together and look with different Doodle Panty images (you can use any of your digital image collection to layer!).  So I always create a bunch of samples....just makes me happy :)

Here is my original collection using Doodle Pantry's new images this week!

Yes, they have gone to releasing images weekly....love that!
This is a nice set to try to sell at a craft venue or to give as a gift prior to Valentines!

This card uses:
Words of Heart
Critter Bugs
Card Cut Hearts SVG

 This card uses:
Critter Bugs
Card Cut Hearts SVG 

 This card uses:
Critter Bugs
Card Cut Hearts SVG

This card uses:
Words of Heart
Card Cut Hearts SVG

 I've started including sentiment bands for the insides of your cards!
This makes adding your sentiments look so cute!

I decided to do something different with this card.
I used clear cardstock for this cute card!
Just make sure and add a matching layer on the back side of the cardstock to cover up your tape.

 This card uses:
Card Cut Hearts SVG
Joyful Day Digital image

This image still remains one of my favorites from our stamp collection from Clear Dollar Stamps.
I just love Mr. Spike.
He is so cute encircled by a heart!

 This card uses:
Mr. Spike
Card Cut Hearts SVG

 This sample uses:
Valentine Mice
Card Cut Hearts SVG

I hope you enjoy your SVG cut for this month!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin SVG Card Cut at Doodle Pantry releases today!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so Thankful it is NOVEMBER!
Now we can focus on THANKFULNESS.....
without all that creepy October stuff!

I'm challenging my family to write down 5 things a day they are thankful for this month.
My kids are sure they will run out, but I'm sure God will reveal to them all that they have to be thankful for!

I'll start with my top five for the month:
Thankful for my family.
Thankful for my church.
Thankful for the seasons.
Thankful for the seasons of life.
Thankful that I get to have this blog and play with something crafty!

If you want to post your top five THANKFULS for the day in the comments, please do!

This month I have been playing with my newest release at Doodle Pantry:


In case you are new to my Card Cuts, they are designed to layer your digital images between to create beautiful cards in a snap!  Let's take a look at how these cards go together:

Card Layout A

Card Layout B

Card Layout C
Just look how simple these cards goes together for cards that are sure to impress!

How to assemble your flowers....now that's easy enough!

And don't forget about the inner sentiment band!  
I love these for adding sentiments that look so nice!
 My husband is so funny.  He loves these big sentiment bands.  It literally sends him into a fit when he opens a card he has requested to give someone and it is entirely blank.  He wants it FULL with something so that he doesn't have to write anything but his name.  LOL!  That's an accountant for you!

Wanna see some more samples?
I have used a bunch of Doodle Pantry Pumpkin images for samples!

Here are a list of links of the digital images I have used in these cards:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have you seen my SVG Card Cut File at Doodle Pantry?

Hello Everyone!
I thought I would share a little about my Card Cut 9 with you today!
Card Cut 9 is an SVG cutting file for use on a Silhouette, Zing, or any e-cutting machine that you can import SVG files in to....sometimes that might take Make-the-Cut or Sure-Cuts-A-Lot programs, but this is so much fun! Worth checking in to!


by Lori McCroskey

 Go to Card Cut 9 here!

Let me show you how easily this goes together!
First, cut out your SVG pieces for the card layout that you like.
Next, size your digital images to fit in the layer openings and print them out.
 Start layering your SVG pieces over your digital image.
 Add another layer.
 And another layer.
Isn't that just cute?????
 Next, I'm taking my sentiment and layering it in the sentiment SVG cut.

 The border piece is very thin, so I run it through my little Xryon sticker maker.
You want one of these if you don't have one :-)
Nice Christmas gift!

 Now, that's not so hard is it?
 Cute cards in a snap!
Would you like to see more samples?
Ok, twist my arm!

 Yes, there are sentiment bands for the inside of the cards!
Just layer your sentiments under them to create a very impressive looking inside to your cards!

Tomorrow, I have a new release at Doodle Pantry!
It is so cute....I can't wait to show you!
Have a great day and see you tomorrow!